Why You Should Join A Tour Group

  • Meeting people and having travel companions– even if you’re traveling with someone you love, having other people around sharing the same experiences is nice. You don’t have to hang out together, but you will be happy to see a familiar face when you’re wandering around a foreign country trying to figure out if that is the right train.


  • No language barrier– Most people on a tour speak the same language so communication is easy. Even if you don’t leave with friends, you will at least have someone you trust to get a good picture of you.


  • Cut costs– travel groups buy things like hotel rooms in bulk, so they get cheaper rates that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.


  • Local knowledge– there is usually a free tour with a local guide included in these tour packages, who you can answer all your random questions, so you can find out where you can get that Brazilian soccer ball in Australia.


  • Saving time– part of exploring is getting lost, but getting lost in a foreign country can cause excess stress and confusion. I don’t know anyone who has been to a foreign country and has NOT gotten lost. Save yourself the trouble and listen to the guide. They will help you get around and tell you the fastest way to do things (i.e. buy the tickets online first to skip the line) that you would otherwise have to do tons of research to find out.


  • Decrease stress– when someone else has to figure out how to get you from point A to point B, it’s a lot less stress on you.


  • It’s good for single travelers– if you’re wandering alone for all or part of your trip, this is a great method to meet people and make some new friends.


  • You will see all the highlights of a city or country with the help of someone who has been there a hundred times– You may think Metro A red line is the best way to get somewhere, but your guide might clue you in to the back alleyway to get there that costs half as much. They are called local guides for a reason- they know what’s worth seeing and what to skip.

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