Our believe at Yalla Yalla Adventures is that we are not perfectionists but we strive to give the best service to our passengers – The tour leaders are an imprtant factor on the tour that’s why we make sure they are well trained to fit our tours and passengers passions. In fact, we’re always proud of the consistent praise they receive from clients, who tell us that not only do these inspiring tour leaders have an unbeatable blend of knowledge and people skills, they also know just how to uncover the hidden sides to all our destinations that make your trip unique.

Every year we receive hundreds of applications to become a Yalla Yalla Adventures & Orion Trek tour leader. Those successful are chosen based on a number of criteria and skills we feel will truly enhance your experience with Yalla Yalla Adventures:

  • All our tour leaders must be fluent in English at least.
  • We look for local people who have lived in at their countries and know it from a local aspect, so they can offer a real insight into the countries they take you to.
  • They must be sociable, great company and possess the right temperament to help a group gel, relax and have fun.
  • Their knowledge must rival the local guidebooks.
  • Most of all, they must love sharing their enthusiasm and passion for for the destinations they are working at and take pleasure in showing clients hidden restaurants, undiscovered viewpoints and secret ways to get the most, and best, out of each country.
  • We demand a lot from our tour leaders, but it is a job they are passionate about. So much so that many of our tour leaders have been with us for years (several over a decade) – and one, Said Isktan has been leading our tours for many years. They love what they do, and it shows in their performance and in the fantastic feedback we are proud to receive from our clients.

Moroccan Tour Leader

Moroccan Tour Leader

Moroccan Tour Leader


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